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Possession & Distribution
As with any drug crimes, the charges for drug possession and distribution offenses will depend on:

  • The type of drug found: More dangerous controlled substances are always associated with more severe charges and penalties.
  • The amount of the drug involved: Large amounts of illegal narcotics also trigger harsher charges and punishments.
  • The circumstances under which the drug is found: If drug possession and/or distribution has allegedly occurred during the commission of other offenses (like gun crimes or violent offenses), aggravated drug charges can apply, and these will bring more serious potential penalties.

Drug Possession Charges in Colorado

To get a conviction for drug possession charges in Colorado, prosecutors have to prove that you were “knowingly” in possession of the narcotics. Depending on the circumstances, there may be various evidence showing you didn’t “knowingly” possess the drugs and/or that the illegal narcotics belonged to someone else.
Man in front of a table covered in drugs.
Additionally, if the police found the drugs as part of an illegal search, there may be grounds to argue that:

  • Your Fourth Amendment rights were violated.
  • The drug possession charges should be thrown out altogether if there is no other evidence to support them.
  • The charges should be reduce