You Need An Aggressive Defense Against Drug Crimes

Punishment for drug crimes can be harsh, but an experienced attorney can do much to limit the consequences or beat the charges. The law office of Anaya-McKedy, P.C., has handled every type of drug offense from misdemeanor possession to accusations of serious felony trafficking.

We have tried many drug cases in state and federal courts. Using this experience, we can structure a case on your behalf in order to protect your rights and future. For aggressive defense, contact our Colorado Springs office at 719-387-9954. We offer a free consultation, and we are here to help 24/7.

Strong Defense For All Drug Offenses

Our drug charges defense lawyers can protect your interests if you are charged with:

Colorado Springs is known by state and federal prosecutors as a distribution hub in the drug trade. Many small-time players or innocent people are caught up in the government's effort to crack down on trafficking. Actual charges depend on the quantity, prior criminal offenses and the defendant's role in distribution.

Exploring All Options In Your Case

For first-time offenders charged with possession, we can often negotiate in Drug Court for alternatives such as deferred sentence (probation) or deferred prosecution (no criminal record).

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For more serious drug offenses, our experienced trial lawyers work hard to shield clients from mandatory prison sentences. We make every attempt to get charges downgraded or get evidence excluded for Fourth Amendment violations by police (illegal search and seizure).

Our firm has defended major cases involving DEA wiretaps, meth labs and international smuggling. We offer unique insights into prosecution tactics that provide a critical advantage to our clients in avoiding the worst consequences of drug offenses.

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