Colorado Springs Theft Robbery Burglary Attorneys

Defense Counsel for Theft, Robbery or Burglary in Colorado Springs

A conviction for burglary or felony theft can carry a substantial mandatory prison term. However, the law office of Anaya & Chadderdon, P.C., has had notable success in helping clients avoid the worst consequences.Before making statements to police or prosecutors, call us at 719-227-0007 to discuss your case in a free consultation. We are accessible 24/7 to represent clients in state and federal courts of El Paso County, Teller County and other Colorado jurisdictions.

Aggressive Defense Representation In Theft Or Burglary Cases

Our Colorado Springs practice handles the full spectrum of property crimes:

  • Shoplifting or employee theft
  • Robbery
  • Aggravated robbery
  • Bad checks/stolen checks
  • Auto theft
  • Burglary
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Identity theft or fraud

What Is Burglary?

Breaking into a house or building when a person is inside has the potential for violence. Even if no one was harmed or no property stolen, it can be charged as first-degree burglary, a class 3 felony with a mandatory sentence of four to 12 years in prison.

As former prosecutors, both of our attorneys understand how these cases are handled by a district attorney. Prosecutors are usually willing to strike a favorable plea bargain, and we are skilled at negotiating jail in lieu of prison, or even probation.

What Does A Theft Case Involve?

Most theft cases can be resolved by “making the victim whole” through restitution. In cases involving auto theft or grand theft, our attorneys work to avoid mandatory jail or prison by working with prosecutors to reduce the charges or suggest alternatives.

Without proper representation, a burglary or robbery charge may carry severe penalties. We are confident we can spare you from the worst. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.