Colorado bus driver charged with driving under the influence

Drunk driving laws in Colorado are no joke. Not only do law enforcement and the courts take DUI cases seriously, but the public casts an intense stigma upon those accused of driving under the influence. That is particularly true when the DUI defendant is accused of driving drunk with kids in his vehicle.

A Colorado bus driver was arrested this weekend for suspicion of drunk driving. At the time of his DUI arrest, he was transporting 37 students. That detail about the incident makes the criminal case against the driver extra severe. He faces additional charges as a result of his bus occupants.

Beyond the DUI charge, the Colorado defendant is charged with child abuse because of how driving while impaired poses the threat of injury to the young passengers. He was investigated after a minor collision. The crash gave authorities cause to initiate a traffic stop and a drunk driving investigation. Fox 31 Denver doesn’t indicate whether the driver submitted to chemical tests.

In a case like this, where the defendant’s job is to drive, it is easy to see how a drunk driving conviction is a significant threat. Not only does the defendant face the threat of jail time and fines, but he faces punishment that would directly impact his ability to work as a driver.

Colorado DUI laws say that someone who is convicted of driving with a BAC of 0.08 or higher will have his licence suspended for one year. The punishments get more severe in the cases of repeat offenses or higher BAC levels. A DUI defense attorney can try to help protect a defendant’s future, including his right to drive.

Source: Fox 31 Denver, “Adams 12 school bus driver cited for DUI with 41 people aboard,” Matt Farley, Sep. 22, 2013

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