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December 2013 Archives

Fatal accident results in drunk driving arrest for Colorado man

DUI cases are aggressively prosecuted in Colorado and can lead to severe criminal penalties if there is a conviction. One man currently facing DUI allegations must now wonder what his fate will be. He had just been released from jail on Dec. 26 for a September DUI incident when he was arrested again the following day for alleged drunk driving after rolling over his truck in the vicinity of Horsetooth Reservoir. The accident killed his 21-year-old son and seriously injured two other passengers.

Belief behind shooting of Colorado teen to determine legal steps

It was early in the morning on Monday when residents in a Colorado Springs neighborhood claim to have heard loud bangs. Those bangs turned out to be gunshots, fatal gunshots. The victim of the Colorado shooting was a 16-year-old who was reportedly trying to get into her home at the time.

Famous climber now faces climb to combat domestic abuse charges

Many have probably heard of the saying about being caught "between a rock and a hard place." Aron Ralston lived through at least one extreme situation of that when he got caught in the rocks while alone on a climbing trip in 2003. Adventure and survival story fans probably know of Ralston, who ultimately broke and amputated part of his own arm to get himself out of the deadly situation.

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