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November 2013 Archives

Law enforcement not all open to terms of domestic violence law

It is no secret that authorities not just in Colorado but throughout the country have intensified their focus on gun crime and violence. That focus has resulted in various changes in gun laws, including here in Colorado. It is a notable situation, however, when not even all of law enforcement wants to comply with the terms of a law.

Juvenile's sex crime conviction doesn't take away right to school

The criminal justice system can be complicated. It doesn't exist to simply punish people for their crimes; rather, it is meant to rehabilitate convicted offenders. That is generally true for adults convicted of crimes in Colorado, and most definitely true for juvenile crimes in Colorado.

Rockies co-owner faces DUI charges in the offseason

Now that all teams are out and the World Series winner has been declared, it is offseason for Major League Baseball players and staff. It is no different for those associated with the Colorado Rockies. Instead of preparing for the next baseball season, one of the Rockies co-owners will be focusing on fighting DUI charges.

Colorado sex crime defendant claims he's not guilty; his twin is

Family sticks together, right? When there is a disagreement or someone is in need of help, the philosophy is quite simple. Family exists to help each other get through the bad times and the good. In the case of a set of twin brothers, however, there seems to be limit in regards to how far one will go to help the other out.

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