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Many people think it was “just a bar fight” until they find out they are facing a felony charge of assault and battery — with the possibility of years in prison. Even a shoving match or shouted threats in a heated argument can lead to misdemeanor assault charges.The law office of Anaya-McKedy, P.C., in Colorado Springs offers aggressive criminal defense for all levels of criminal assault. We take cases in El Paso County, Teller County and across Colorado. Call immediately at 719-227-0007 for a free consultation. We are available 24/7.

Experienced Colorado Springs Defense Lawyer

Assaults can be charged as misdemeanor or felony crimes of varying degrees, depending on the extent of physical harm, use of a deadly weapon, prior criminal record and other factors.

  • First-degree assault involves permanent or life-threatening bodily harm (e.g., putting someone in the hospital). Under Colorado law, conviction for first-degree felony assault carries a mandatory minimum 10 years in prison.
  • Second-degree assault involves bodily injury (e.g., breaking someone’s nose). Under Colorado law, conviction for second-degree felony assault carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of at least five years.

Former Prosecutors Working For You

Both our criminal defense lawyers are former county prosecutors who work to help you avoid prison or jail for assault or battery. We are familiar with viable defenses (self-defense, provocation, intoxication, heat of passion) for challenging the prosecution’s case at trial, or getting charges reduced to a lesser offense (e.g., non-prison felony or disorderly conduct).

Many defense attorneys are not aware of the many sentencing alternatives in these cases. At the law office of Anaya-McKedy, P.C., we explore all options to minimize the impact on our clients: deferred prosecution (no criminal record) or probation, work release or weekend jail, community service, anger management or alcohol treatment.

Contact an experienced defense lawyer who understands how assault cases are prosecuted and has a record of favorable outcomes. We offer a free initial consultation.