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Criminal Defense Attorney Neil Andrew DeVoogd
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Neil Andrew DeVoogd has been a defense attorney his entire career. With a history beginning with the Colorado Innocence Project and the Criminal Defense Clinic at CU Law, continuing through years of practicing as a Public Defender, and ultimately as a private criminal defense attorney. He understands that many people are wrongly charged, over-charged, or have simply made a mistake. In representing over 1,800 clients during his four years as a public defender he developed a reputation for vigorous litigation, trial advocacy, and passionate representation of his clients, and carried that reputation forward as a private attorney. He has handled every kind of case, from driving without a license to homicide, every level of domestic violence, sex crime allegations, and DUIS, at every stage of litigation – especially trial.

As a public defender here in El Paso county, the busiest jurisdiction in the state, he was the DUI Liaison and was the Public Defender’s office’s DUI expert. He has litigated every stage of DUIs whether they are breath or blood, alcohol or drugs, roadsides or refusals, felony to misdemeanor; and confronted the prosecution’s witnesses from patrol police to crime lab experts to drug recognition experts. With dozens of DUI-related trials under his belt, he is more than capable of effectively fighting your DUI case at every step with experience and expertise.

He understands that your case is important; Maybe not to the DA, or to the judge, but it is to you. Likely it is the most important factor in your life when your future and your liberty are being held in limbo waiting for your case to resolve, and he understands that. Therefore, effective and efficient representation is key. Resolving cases effectively, proactive litigation and investigation, meticulously prepared trial advocacy, and responsive communication are the focuses of his practice.

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