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Posts tagged "violent crimes"

Parole Eligibility Date Calculation

Parole is defined as "the provisional release of a prisoner who agrees to certain conditions prior to the completion of the maximum sentence period". In Colorado, "Parole is a condition of release from prison, made by an independent seven-member board appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Colorado Senate" ( Calculating parole differs when you are convicted of a violent crime. 

Colorado teen mounts criminal defense against assault

A Colorado teenager has been arrested after an altercation that left another man injured in Colorado Springs. The defendant, age 18, will be required to mount a criminal defense against allegations of second-degree assault. He is accused of punching the victim in the face several times, according to an initial investigation. The victim was treated and released from a local hospital after suffering injuries that were not life-threatening.

Law enforcement not all open to terms of domestic violence law

It is no secret that authorities not just in Colorado but throughout the country have intensified their focus on gun crime and violence. That focus has resulted in various changes in gun laws, including here in Colorado. It is a notable situation, however, when not even all of law enforcement wants to comply with the terms of a law.

Is U.S. justice system ignoring DNA evidence in criminal cases?

TV shows and movies make it seem pretty black and white. If a person is guily of a crime, he goes to jail. If a person is innocent, he leaves the courtroom with a smile on his face and his family by his side. Unfortunately, the real world is not always so simple. 

Parole opportunities might be at-risk in wake of parolee violence

What can get many inmates through the time they must serve for a criminal conviction is knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light often comes in the form of parole, when a convicted offender is let out of prison but supervised by authorities for a given amount of time.

New Colorado laws address violence, ammo and marijuana

Even though laws are meant to create a safer community, often it is the very people who make up that community who have a difficult time keeping up with the laws meant to protect them. Now that we are into July, it is overdue to list a few of the new laws that are officially on the books as of the first of the month:

Defense team for young Colorado murder suspect have many requests

In October 2012, a 10-year-old girl went missing. Her remains were later found, and a 17-year-old allegedly confessed that he was responsible for the child's disappearance and death. Despite the tragedy of the case and the alleged confession, the young Colorado murder defendant deserves a fair shot at a criminal defense.

Supreme Court's DNA decision boosts Colorado's confidence in law

While some other states might be in a panic over the Supreme Court's recent decision about DNA sample collecting, Colorado residents might think the entire matter sounds familiar. That is because Colorado lawmakers already enacted a law in 2010 that allows a more liberal approach regarding which criminal suspects' DNA samples can be collected. 

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