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Posts tagged "sexual assault"

Colorado's number one fugitive sex offender arrested

Although sex crimes carry a heavy social stigma, it is important to remember that those charged are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. If charges do result in a conviction, it is vital that a person comply with all terms of the sentence, including those related to registering as a sex offender. Failure to report to the sex offender registry can carry penalties of its own, as three Colorado men found out.

Stolen computer used against suspect in Colorado sex assault case

The very item that a burglary and sex crime suspect allegedly took during a Colorado Springs incident was used by police in apprehending him. A woman reported that she was raped and that her home was burglarized on July 1. The theft of her iPad later led to evidence that worked as a map straight to the defendant.

Colorado officer mishandles evidence from 48 rape cases

In an ideal world, everyone would do their jobs perfectly. They would be effective, ethical, honest workers and not make mistakes. If that were true, perhaps fewer people would be wrongfully charged and convicted of crimes. This point comes up due to a sensitive matter involving a Colorado police officer in Aurora.

Accuser had history of making false allegations

A Colorado Court of Appeals recently ruled that prosecutors wrongfully withheld the accuser's history of making false allegations in a trial that ultimately led to the conviction of a youth counselor for sexual assault. It appears that evidence was available that the accuser in question, who was 17-years old at the time, had previously also made a false accusation of sexual assault.

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