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Posts tagged "murder"

Trial continues for Colorado Springs man accused of shootings

One Colorado Springs man is currently on trial for charges stemming from four area shootings from 2001 to 2008. The man has been charged with a total of 31 counts for sniper-style attacks on people involved in his divorce proceedings. The man is accused of killing someone in 2008 who was allegedly romantically involved with this ex-wife, firing shots in the homes of an attorney and judge in 2001 and partially blinding his ex-wife's divorce lawyer in 2002.

Belief behind shooting of Colorado teen to determine legal steps

It was early in the morning on Monday when residents in a Colorado Springs neighborhood claim to have heard loud bangs. Those bangs turned out to be gunshots, fatal gunshots. The victim of the Colorado shooting was a 16-year-old who was reportedly trying to get into her home at the time.

Colorado grand jury documents reignite interest in JonBenet death

JonBenet Ramsey's dead body was found in the basement of her Colorado family home in 1996. From the beginning, suspicion swirled around the child pageant star's parents, John and Patricia. Despite the intense level of suspicion, neither parent was ever formally charged following their child's now infamous death.

Teen's future threatened by Colorado Springs murder case

Being charged with a crime of any kind is a daunting life event. Now, imagine that you are a kid and facing the possibility of being convicted of a crime. To make matters even more serious, the possible charge that a Colorado juvenile might face is murder.

What does Fido have to do with violent crime cases?

What has a wet nose, perky ears, a wagging tail and could be classified as a dangerous or deadly weapon in a criminal case? That's right. According to a New York Times piece, a dog can be seen as a weapon in cases involving assault or even murder charges. 

Is U.S. justice system ignoring DNA evidence in criminal cases?

TV shows and movies make it seem pretty black and white. If a person is guily of a crime, he goes to jail. If a person is innocent, he leaves the courtroom with a smile on his face and his family by his side. Unfortunately, the real world is not always so simple. 

Parole opportunities might be at-risk in wake of parolee violence

What can get many inmates through the time they must serve for a criminal conviction is knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. That light often comes in the form of parole, when a convicted offender is let out of prison but supervised by authorities for a given amount of time.

Acknowledgment of Holmes' guilt in shootings isn't end of defense

Incidents don't get much more gruesome than the one that took place at the Aurora theater. James Holmes is charged with the murders and attempted murders of various Colorado moviegoers. He recently pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, a murder defense that has ignited fury among those who were directly impacted by the violent crime as well as those who are mere spectators of the criminal trial.

Defense team for young Colorado murder suspect have many requests

In October 2012, a 10-year-old girl went missing. Her remains were later found, and a 17-year-old allegedly confessed that he was responsible for the child's disappearance and death. Despite the tragedy of the case and the alleged confession, the young Colorado murder defendant deserves a fair shot at a criminal defense.

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