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Illegal use of legal marijuana: Wait. What?

You may already know that Colorado is one of at least 29 states that has legalized the recreational use of marijuana. This has apparently made many who enjoy an occasional toke quite happy. However, the laws in place do not give total free rein for growing, buying, selling or smoking this drug. In fact, it's important for anyone who hopes to avoid legal trouble to research the specific marijuana laws in this state before using or purchasing cannabis. Not doing so may lead to events that will land one behind bars.

Consequences of being caught with weed underage

Colorado is the proud home of many prestigious and popular institutions of higher education, with thousands of young people from the area and out of state. With the marijuana laws recently changing, many young people are unclear about what happens when you're caught driving while high or smoking weed under the age of 21. What can happen if an underage student is convicted of a marijuana crime, especially if they depend on student loans?

Marijuana DUI bill is closer to becoming Colorado law

Medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado for some time. But with the more recent vote to legalize the recreational use of the drug, some lawmakers and traffic safety advocates have upped their persistence to get a law on the books that would prevent DUI accidents caused by marijuana use.

DUI marijuana standard one step closer to Colorado law

Most people understand the laws regarding drunk driving. Such laws have been on the books for some time; not to mention, most can wrap their brains around the fact that driving while drunk is dangerous. Drunk driving laws for the most part seem logical to drivers, even if DUI accusations are sometimes falsely made.

Changing marijuana laws complicate DUI laws

With new laws taking effect in the state and in other areas of the U.S. that legalize marijuana use, there's been confusion and debate about exactly where the lines of legality should be drawn both concerning consumption in general, and the effect of marijuana use on driving.

Pot brownies won't be tolerated in Colorado school

We recently shared a drug post about college students who are in trouble for feeding their classmates brownies laced with THC. The classmates supposedly did not know what "special ingredient" was in the baked goods, a detail that means more serious legal ramifications for the two Colorado defendants.

Pot prank puts Colorado students at risk of assault convictions

The excitement over the recent vote to legalize recreational marijuana in Colorado may have led a couple of college students to make a big mistake. They are accused of bringing brownies to their class and letting students and staff eat them without informing them that they were eating brownies laced with THC.

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