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Posts tagged "drug offenses"

Heroin is more common than ever, and users aren't who you think

Last year, the Colorado Springs Police Department Metro Vice, Narcotics & Intelligence (MVNI) division reported that it seized more than seven pounds of heroin off of Colorado streets. The report is solid evidence of a truth legal and health care professionals have come to understand: that Colorado is not exempt from the recent surge in heroin use the United States is experiencing.

What is Adult Criminal Drug Court?

Drug Court in Colorado Springs has taken on a new roll with the changing of the drug laws in Colorado.  Adult Criminal Drug Court (ACDC) was originally set up as a sentencing alternative. Drug Court was a way people accused of a drug offense could keep a permanent felony conviction off of their record.  Upon successful completion of the program and aftercare the El Paso District Attorney's office agreed the case would be dismissed and the criminal case could be sealed.   

Pot brownies won't be tolerated in Colorado school

We recently shared a drug post about college students who are in trouble for feeding their classmates brownies laced with THC. The classmates supposedly did not know what "special ingredient" was in the baked goods, a detail that means more serious legal ramifications for the two Colorado defendants.

There are more details to Colorado marijuana law than 'it's legal'

The recent election is sure to be remembered for many reasons. Among those reasons is the fact that Colorado was one of two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. In Colorado, the law was defined by Amendment 64 which makes it legal to possess up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use once the law takes effect on Jan. 6, 2013. No matter how much he has, a juvenile with any marijuana will still be committing a drug crime. The confusion, in part, lies in how exactly Coloradoans are supposed to get the drug, since the distribution will still be illegal. Another point of confusion is that this use will be legal on a state level but still illegal on a federal level. Still another is that many may not realize that public use is prohibited and that the law changes won't be on the books until January.

Colorado Springs suspects arrested in plot to murder for drugs

A federal indictment has accused seven men of engaging in a drug trafficking conspiracy. Prosecutors claimed that six of the defendants also agreed to a murder-for-hire plan in which they would kill someone on the orders of a Mexican drug cartel in exchange for 5 kilos of cocaine and $50,000 in cash.

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