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Posts tagged "defense"

Juvenile's sex crime conviction doesn't take away right to school

The criminal justice system can be complicated. It doesn't exist to simply punish people for their crimes; rather, it is meant to rehabilitate convicted offenders. That is generally true for adults convicted of crimes in Colorado, and most definitely true for juvenile crimes in Colorado.

Teen defendant to be tried as adult in Colorado murder case

Legally speaking, when someone is 18 years old, he is an adult. He can vote, go to war. He can live on his own. He can be tried as an adult in criminal court if he's charged with a crime. But what if the defendant was only 17 when the incident in question took place? Would Colorado's legal system consider him an adult?

Not enough Colorado kids getting the criminal defense they need

When a person's child gets into trouble serious enough that it involves the authorities, it can be a parent's worst nightmare. They want the trouble to end. They want to put the matter behind them and their children in order to be able to better sleep at night.

High-profile stories of violence: Do they lead to overreaction?

There is no question that incidents like the Sandy Hook shooting, the Aurora theater shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and more are all serious acts of violence that ended in tragedy. Naturally, lawmakers and the general public react strongly to such acts, whether it is through crafting legislative proposals, the support of those proposal or in-home efforts to promote anti-violence among one's children.

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