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Posts tagged "Sex crimes"

Colorado sex crime defendant claims he's not guilty; his twin is

Family sticks together, right? When there is a disagreement or someone is in need of help, the philosophy is quite simple. Family exists to help each other get through the bad times and the good. In the case of a set of twin brothers, however, there seems to be limit in regards to how far one will go to help the other out.

Colorado law enforcement big player in FBI operation

In recent years, there has been increased attention placed on sex crimes, specifically prostitution and sex trafficking. In fact, the FBI recently established an initiative that was named Operation Cross Country VII. The operation was put together with the goal of targeting those that were suspected of participating in these sex offenses. 

Colorado doesn't enact tougher sex offender law

For the most part, lawmakers as well as the general public are extremely tough on sex offenders, particularly those whose supposed offenses involved children. Some might be surprised, therefore, to learn that the state did not adopt a legislative proposal called Jessica's Law.

If Colorado proposal passes, fewer criminal suspects' DNA is safe

DNA. The term probably brings to mind TV dramas wherein detectives connect crime scene evidence to a criminal suspect. Reality isn't too far from that, though the reality is that there is a real person, someone with rights, behind the label of "criminal suspect," not an obviously creepy fictional character.

Colorado bill seeks to increase rape arrests with tested rape kits

In the past we shared a post about controversy regarding rape kits in Colorado and how they are not all tested. Debate about the lack of testing continues, with House Rep. Frank McNulty pushing a bill that would require that all kits be sent to labs for testing.

Accuser had history of making false allegations

A Colorado Court of Appeals recently ruled that prosecutors wrongfully withheld the accuser's history of making false allegations in a trial that ultimately led to the conviction of a youth counselor for sexual assault. It appears that evidence was available that the accuser in question, who was 17-years old at the time, had previously also made a false accusation of sexual assault.

Confessions are now enough to put Colorado crime suspects in jail

Laws evolve over time. It is important because time changes so much in the world. Different times call for different measures. Lawmakers learn from experience, too, and make legislative changes as a result of finding rules or processes that don't work.

Colorado lawmaker wants sexual offenses taken more seriously

A recent journalistic investigation into Colorado's handling of sex crimes evidence has some in the state upset and calling for change. The news report indicates that though officials collect rape kits from supposed Colorado sex offense victims, those kits are not being used for anything.

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