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Posts tagged "Juvenile crimes"

Juvenile's sex crime conviction doesn't take away right to school

The criminal justice system can be complicated. It doesn't exist to simply punish people for their crimes; rather, it is meant to rehabilitate convicted offenders. That is generally true for adults convicted of crimes in Colorado, and most definitely true for juvenile crimes in Colorado.

Supreme Court pushes states to rethink sentencing for juveniles

The matter of ethical sentencing and what is cruel and unusual punishment is much debated. People will disagree on what is right and wrong in regards to criminal offenders, and that debate gets even more sensitive when juvenile offenders are involved.

Not enough Colorado kids getting the criminal defense they need

When a person's child gets into trouble serious enough that it involves the authorities, it can be a parent's worst nightmare. They want the trouble to end. They want to put the matter behind them and their children in order to be able to better sleep at night.

Child will be charged as adult in Colorado bomb scare case

There is no question that recent violent events within schools as well as the Boston Marathon bombing have left the nation hyper-sensitive to any potential threats of violence. Gun laws are changing, and more and more people are on the lookout for a possible sign of danger and willing to swiftly act. 

Colorado 'bully' now a juvenile defendant in assault case

It is all the rage these days to discuss the seriousness of bullying trends throughout the country. A recent Colorado incident caught on video and shared via YouTube made bullying a topic of conversation in the state. Now, the conversation isn't just about bullying but also about a teenager being charged with a violent crime.

Solitary confinement puts juveniles at risk of mental illness

The natural instinct within most is to protect the young, teens included. When a teen is charged with or commits a crime, they still deserve protection. Every criminal suspect deserves protection from cruel and unusual punishment.

Colorado teen charged with violent crime against fellow student

In a YouTube video that has attracted many viewers, a trio of Colorado teens can be seen participating in a lunchroom brawl that goes beyond the average lunchroom stresses. Whereas a teen's biggest worry in the school cafeteria used to be whether she'd have anyone to sit with, what went down in the cafeteria in this instance suggests that modern day teens live in a different world.

Underage drinking laws up for debate in Colorado

It is the go-to argument for why 18-year-olds should be able to legally consume alcohol: "They can serve our country in the military and carry weapons, but they can't drink?" Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy sees logic in that argument and is bringing it to the legislative table.

Pot brownies won't be tolerated in Colorado school

We recently shared a drug post about college students who are in trouble for feeding their classmates brownies laced with THC. The classmates supposedly did not know what "special ingredient" was in the baked goods, a detail that means more serious legal ramifications for the two Colorado defendants.

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