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Posts tagged "ICE"

Colorado Springs developer to face racketeering charges again

A Colorado Springs developer is facing renewed charges of theft and racketeering after the Colorado Court of Appeals reinstated the charges on April 10. According to reports, the developer was originally charged with multiple counts of defrauding investors across El Paso County. The man was acquitted of the charges in 2009 after a high-profile trial that lasted three weeks.

Colorado loan officer avoids trial for bank fraud

A former loan officer at Colorado East Bank and Trust in Pueblo pleaded guilty to bank fraud and receiving kickbacks on March 24. According to reports, the man received around $60,000 in kickbacks from a high school friend during the time period from March 2009 to July 2011 for approving almost $1 million in various loans.

Colorado floods put authorities on-guard regarding money scams

Colorado residents are still grappling with the reality that they are left with after massive flooding. Clearly, those who have lost homes or have gotten injured or ill as a result of the weather disaster are vulnerable at this point. It is a low point in their lives, and legal officials warn that these vulnerable flood victims are now vulnerable to a different kind of disaster: a financial one.

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