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Posts tagged "Colorado"

Police officer taken into custody on suspected DUI

Having a drunk driving charge brought against you can affect your life in many different ways: the first being the potential legal ramifications, followed shortly by the damage to one's reputation and possibly even employment. For one Colorado police officer, repercussions may be something more she faces as she now finds herself dealing with the aftermath of being served a summons due to DUI suspicions after another officer reported her.

Colorado woman charged with DUI at 73 years old

Having charges of driving under the influence brought against you can be very scary. It is a serious thing to have to deal with and often the charges can follow people for the rest of their lives. One Colorado woman found herself facing such charges recently as she reportedly struck a food truck and 18-year-old boy with her own vehicle.

Colorado woman arrested, charged with having sex with teenager

About 100 miles west of Colorado Springs sits Salida, Colorado, a small town known for its skiing and whitewater rafting. That's where a 28-year-old woman had moved to after quitting her teaching job last fall in Florida when she was told she might face charges of sex crimes involving a student.

TV show depicts arrest of Colorado drug suspect

An hour-long A&E network broadcast of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on Jan. 11 featured a three-day trip by Duane "Dog" Chapman to an area about 300 miles west of Colorado Springs, in Mesa County, in the summer of 2011 to arrest a fugitive on charges related to drug offenses.

Parents of Colorado Springs man plead guilty to federal charges

At what point must a parent let go of their desire to protect their child? A court will soon answer that question, in part, when it sentences the parents of a Colorado Springs man. They recently pleaded guilty to federal charges of helping their 25-year-old son elude police and to a charge of knowingly providing him with weapons after he left a halfway house here in February.

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