Colorado Springs Military DUI Attorney

Members of the military face the same penalties as civilians when it comes to DUI charges. In some cases, the consequences can be even more severe.

A Strong Defense When It Matters

The military DUI defense attorneys of Anaya-McKedy, P.C., in Colorado Springs, are among a handful of lawyers in the area equipped to represent members of the military charged with DUI in both state and federal court.

When a member of the military is charged with DUI in federal court, a conviction can have negative consequences on the person’s career. The individual may lose a security clearance or be demoted. In some cases, he or she may be chaptered out of the military entirely.

Protecting Your Rights And Your Freedom

We have successfully represented clients who were arrested on and off military bases, including Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson and Schriever Air Force Base, as well as the U.S. Air Force Academy. We are proud to be of service to those who have dedicated their lives to the service of our country.

Our attorneys are former prosecutors. We know how DUI charges can impact your life, especially when you are in the military. We provide an aggressive defense to protect you.

We Can Attend Your Court Hearing For You

We are able to represent members of the military facing drunk driving charges even if, because of their military commitment, they are unable to attend a court hearing. If you have a court date next month, but are being shipped out next week, please contact us. We can represent you in your absence.

To learn more about our defense of clients in military DUI cases, call 719-227-0007. The initial consultation is free of charge.