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DUI laws are relatively straightforward. In Colorado, a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05 percent or greater may result in charges of DWAI or DUI. However, lawmakers have struggled to develop laws surrounding driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) in light of Colorado’s legalization of marijuana. At Anaya-McKedy, P.C., we represent drivers facing charges of DUID in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities.

Complications In DUID Cases

Marijuana stays in the body much longer than alcohol, which means a person may test positive for marijuana use days or weeks after using it even though he or she is clearly not impaired. This makes drug tests a very poor indication of whether a driver is impaired by marijuana at the time of a traffic stop. In addition, the amount of marijuana in a person’s system may vary greatly depending on his or her age, health, metabolism and frequency of marijuana use.

Given these variables, it is particularly important that you and your attorney act quickly to understand the circumstances surrounding the traffic stop and begin building your defense against DUID charges. We have successfully represented clients facing DUI and drug charges in Colorado for decades, and we know how to structure cases for success.

Questions about Colorado’s new marijuana laws?

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The city of Colorado Springs has been less receptive to recreational marijuana than other parts of the state, which means drivers in the city may face greater challenges if they are stopped with marijuana in their system. With offices in Colorado Springs, our lawyers know how to protect your rights and communicate with law enforcement officials and prosecutors to pursue the best possible result for you.

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