Colorado Springs Drug Trafficking Lawyer

There are numerous types of drug crimes that you can be charged within the state of Colorado, all related to using, possessing, selling, cultivating, or manufacturing illicit substances or paraphernalia. Most drug charges in Colorado are felonies, and the consequences for conviction can be severe.

The sale of illegal substances, known as drug dealing or drug trafficking, is one of the most aggressively prosecuted crimes of this type. Drug trafficking convictions also carry the most severe penalties. This is due in part to the fact that drug trafficking is also linked to other criminal activity, including prostitution, kidnapping, and even murder.

The Distinction Between Possession, Distribution, and Trafficking

You don’t need to be caught during the act of selling drugs in order to be convicted for distribution or trafficking. Instead, this classification is based on undefined evaluations of your intent derived from the quantity of the substance found, the type of substance, and any surrounding evidence (scales, packaging for distribution, cash, and more).

The difference between distribution and trafficking is even murkier. Distribution charges cover the intent to sell or transfer, while tracking involves transportation and distribution. Many clients don’t understand this and therefore don’t understand the seriousness of their charges.

Possession charges on their own, especially if they are first-time offenses, can often be resolved without jail time. However, convictions of possession with the intent to distribute, or the sale or trafficking of drugs, are much more likely to carry harsher penalties—including jail time or even years in prison.

Illicit Substances in Colorado

There are numerous substances for which an individual could get in trouble for possessing or selling, including cocaine, morphine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Street drugs aren’t the only substances for which you can be charged with trafficking. Codeine is also a controlled substance, and trafficking prescription drugs can also result in charges.

It’s also important to note that despite local decriminalization laws, the legality of selling marijuana is difficult to navigate—too many defendants make broad legal assumptions about the legality of selling cannabis that just are not true.

Protecting Your Rights

It’s vital that you contact a criminal law firm as soon as possible if you’ve been charged with any type of drug distribution or other drug crime. An experienced and knowledgeable drug trafficking attorney can help, but the more time they have to build a strong case in your favor, the better.

Police and the prosecutors are known for using intimidation tactics and manipulation to strengthen their own cases, and you don’t want to inadvertently hurt your defense by interacting with them. Also, law enforcement personnel often do not follow the correct procedures when arresting suspects, and these mistakes can also work in your favor.  Call Anaya McKedy today for a consultation.  You may not even be aware of the fact that your rights have been trampled on, and no one can say for certain until you have an aggressive attorney review your case. It’s important to act fast to protect your rights.