Woman arrested in Colorado accused of setting fire to her sister

Colorado law enforcement officials said yesterday that they had arrested a woman who is accused of dousing her sister with gasoline and then setting her on fire.

The Texas woman, 32, has been charged with aggravated assault in the case.

The Temple, Texas, woman was arrested in Denver yesterday and was being held in the city’s downtown detention center pending extradition back to her home state.

She is being held without the possibility of posting bail, according to a media report.

According to investigators, the woman was in an argument with a family member when the disagreement became violent. She reportedly poured gas on her sister and then set the woman on fire.

Her sister was reportedly covered with severe burns over much of her body.

The sister was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Her condition was unknown.

Temple is in central Texas, northeast of Austin and south of Dallas. It’s about 875 miles from Denver.

The suspect apparently fled the scene of the altercation with her sister in a gray or silver four-door Dodge Stratus car. Authorities searched for her in the area, but could not locate her.

She was then reportedly spotted in Moore, Oklahoma, about 300 miles due north of Temple.

Although media reports haven’t indicated it yet, it’s certainly possible that additional or upgraded criminal charges against the woman could be forthcoming.

Whenever someone faces accusations of committing a violent felony, they face the very real possibility of spending substantial time in prison, making it vital that they seek experienced legal representation.

Source: Temple Daily Telegram, “Woman accused of pouring gas on sister arrested in Colorado,” July 11, 2012

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