Underage drinking and sober driver combine to make public stir

Parents are told time and time again to have honest, consistent conversations with their kids about alcohol and drug use and not driving under the influence. So if you were told that your teen was impaired and called a sober friend for a ride, would you feel a sense of pride or relief?

Of course, there might be the disappointment that the teen used alcohol or drugs. But a parent’s main concern is likely that their child is safe and didn’t drive drunk. An out-of-state incident has resulted in various teens being cited for juvenile offenses related to alcohol. That isn’t the only outcome of the high-school party.

A teen who reportedly wasn’t present at the party until her friend needed a ride is facing consequences that many critics argue are unnecessary. While several of the teens at the party are charged with underage drinking, the girl who arrived to be a sober ride for a friend is sharing in the punishment, thanks to her school.

The school’s zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs means that even the teen who simply arrived at the party to help a friend broke the rules. She is not supposed to be around alcohol and drugs, and the school stands behind the rule and its decision to suspend the girl from volleyball matches and take away her role as team captain.

Though the teen was not charged with a juvenile offense, this story still highlights how matters such as underage consumption and drug use can have a severe impact on a young person’s life.

Do you think that the school’s disciplinary action goes too far, or should the teen and her parents not be surprised by the situation, given the zero-tolerance policy?

Source: CNN, “Zero tolerance makes zero sense: Teen punished for helping drunk friend,” Kelly Wallace, Oct. 15, 2013

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