Teen’s future threatened by Colorado Springs murder case

Being charged with a crime of any kind is a daunting life event. Now, imagine that you are a kid and facing the possibility of being convicted of a crime. To make matters even more serious, the possible charge that a Colorado juvenile might face is murder.

Last week, Colorado Springs authorities arrested a 17-year-old whom is suspected of killing. Details about the case are very limited at this point, with The Gazette simply mentioning that it might have been a family dispute that instigated the violence. Despite the lack of details, what does seem evident is that the teen could be charged with murder.

The Gazette highlights how this homicide is putting Colorado Springs on track to have a high rate of homicides for the year. That comment suggests that officials might tend to take this and other violent crime cases more seriously. Governments want to appear to be tough on crime. Is that the case, too, when a suspect is 17 years old?

As the investigation and legal process continues in this case, the teen defendant and his defense team will likely push to have the courts treat him as a juvenile if he is officially charged with a crime. Being charged as a juvenile versus as an adult would provide more leniency in sentencing.

But just because the suspect isn’t yet 18 doesn’t mean that he won’t be charged as an adult and, therefore, face a significant threat if convicted of the violence of which he is accused. An aggressive legal defense can be invaluable toward supporting the best outcome for a young defendant.

Source: The Gazette, “Teen arrested in fatal Colorado Springs stabbing” Andrea Sinclair and Matt Steiner, Oct. 15, 2013