Stolen computer used against suspect in Colorado sex assault case

The very item that a burglary and sex crime suspect allegedly took during a Colorado Springs incident was used by police in apprehending him. A woman reported that she was raped and that her home was burglarized on July 1. The theft of her iPad later led to evidence that worked as a map straight to the defendant.

People are all about technology these days. Whether it is taking pictures with their new phones or tablets, they also want to share pictures of their daily lives. Apparently, the same was true for the man accused of burglary and rape. Photos taken with the stolen iPad prompted its owners to alert police to whom they believed was responsible for the crimes against them.

Instagram photos track locations of where the images are taken. Also, within iPads are security tracking systems that can help locate the devices. Those details worked against a man who was arrested last weekend for the alleged wrongdoings detailed above. He is charged with burglary, aggravated robbery and sexual assault.

This Colorado case fits into a wider reality of how authorities use people’s social media and technology habits against them. Information can be found on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other Internet avenues that works to effectively support criminal charges against suspects in all types of cases.

Tactics to identify suspects of criminal offenses change over time. What doesn’t change, however, is how important it is for someone who’s facing any charge to rely on the guidance of a criminal defense lawyer whom they trust.

Source: The Denver Channel, “Instagram photos posted from stolen iPad lead Springs police to rape, robbery suspect,” Alan Gathright, July 10, 2013

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