Soccer coach accused of sex with student

A high school girls’ soccer coach has been accused of a sexual offense far from us in Colorado Springs.

Sheriff’s deputies claimed the 24-year-old California Oak Hills coach engaged in sexual acts with a female student.

Detectives are still investigating the allegations, as well as looking into the possibility that the coach engaged in sexual contact with other students.

Charges filed following the coach’s arrest on March 30 included oral copulation of a minor, unlawful sex with a minor, and burglary. A sheriff’s department spokeswoman explained that the burglary charge was filed because entering a home while intending to commit a felony crime, such as sex with a minor inside, is classified as burglary.

The sheriff’s office launched an investigation when it received a phone call at 3:30 a.m. from someone who claimed to have seen the coach and the female student together late at night, acting in what was described as an inappropriate manner. The student, once interviewed, identified the coach as the adult person she was with. He was arrested in his home in Victorville, California, shortly thereafter, following the gathering of additional evidence by a detective.

School officials are cooperating with a continuing law enforcement investigation, and the girl’s parents have been notified of the accusations. There are, however, no current indications that other parents at the high school will be officially informed by school authorities about the incident.

This is different from the approach of some other school districts. In some districts, when it is necessary to take a teacher out of their classroom because of accusations of sexual misconduct, parents are notified of the accusations within three days.

Source: “Oak Hills High girls soccer coach arrested for sexual misconduct,” March 30, 2012

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