Sexual assault allegations against 77-year-old Colorado man

A Colorado Springs man arrested last week and booked into El Paso County Jail has been charged with sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, law enforcement officials said.

The man, 77 years old, is being accused by a girl, 10 years old, of rubbing her back and vaginal area, according to arrest documents cited by a TV station.

According to the documents, the girl said the first sexual incident with the man took place in December of last year when she sat on the man’s lap.

The man was apparently living in the same house with the girl.

In the incident, he allegedly began rubbing her neck, before moving on to rub her shoulders and then her bare breasts under her shirt.

She said a second incident happened when she was sitting on a couch with the suspect. She accuses him of again rubbing her back, this time moving his hands to her sides and finally down inside the front of her pants.

A third incident is also alleged. Again, the girl claims to have been sitting on the man’s lap, this time on a recliner. He is again accused of rubbing her back and then putting his hands over her breasts.

The girl says she told her mother after the first two incidents occurred.

A second girl, also 10 years old, says the man didn’t touch her in a sexual or inappropriate way. She says he only rubbed her back and tickled her neck.

A local TV station reports that the man has apparently admitted to police that he touched one of the girls’ breasts and vagina over the course of two years.

Source:, “Arrest documents detail alleged sexual assaults,” Aug. 7, 2012

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