Rising Colorado athlete arrested for domestic violence

NBA Nuggets’ player Ty Lawson was supposed to have been in court for a hearing regarding his recent arrest last week. Earlier this month, the Colorado team’s point guard made headlines for his life off of the basketball court. He’s not the only one in trouble; his pregnant girlfriend is, too.

Colorado authorities are calling a domestic dispute that reportedly occurred between Lawson and his girlfriend a “mutual situation.” Still, the situation resulted in the arrest of both parties for the suspicion of domestic violence, and both Lawson and his girlfriend spent time in jail following their arrests.

Officials allege that the girlfriend involved in the case damaged property, and Lawson was physically violent toward her. The believed start of the incident in question is what likely causes many other similar incidents that can lead to domestic violence accusations. According to the Associated Press, Lawson’s girlfriend thought that Lawson was talking to another woman.

Romantic relationships are tricky. They can be so filled with emotion and passion that logic goes out of the window. Lawson claims that he and his girlfriend are still together and suggests that the arrests were based on a misunderstanding. There are no reports regarding his girlfriend’s take on the domestic violence case and whether she agrees with Lawson’s sentiments.

A hearing in the case was supposed to take place last week, but prosecutors were granted extra time to try to build their case. Sometimes legal hurdles can impact a defendant’s career and his ability to play. We will post an update when there is a development in this Colorado case.

Source: The Associated Press, “Ty Lawson’s hearing for domestic violence case delayed,” Aug. 23, 2013

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