Registered sex offenders in Colorado are being ‘Shepherded’

Being accused and then convicted of a sex offense can be devastating to a person. Yes, he could serve prison time and be put on probation. Then, there is the harsh requirement of needing to register himself as a sex offender.

The sex offender registry makes registrants’ locations known to not just authorities but to members of the community. It is supposed to allow the system to keep close tabs on those who are registered in order to prevent future offenses from occurring. A current sweep for Colorado sex offenders is an example of how a conviction opens registrants up to persistent investigative pursuit.

CBS Denver reports that “Operation Shepherd” began last Friday. Authorities are visiting residences in Colorado where registered sex offenders are supposed to be. They are searching for those who have violated the rules of the sex offender registry or other laws. So far, 16 registrants have been arrested for various violations, with about 80 more on the list of targets.

Our news resource doesn’t indicate why this sweep began, though the timing is close to the recent disappearance of child Jessica Ridgeway, a case that we have discussed in a previous violent crime post. It could be that the disappearance and potential sexual nature of the case has inspired an intense focus on sex offenders in the Colorado area.

Some regulations put before registered sex offenders can be hard to understand or keep track of. Modifications are made to the rules often and registrants can violate a rule without knowingly doing so. No matter how someone becomes entangled in a sex crime or registry violation accusation, he cannot work with a criminal defense attorney soon enough.

Source: CBS Denver, “‘Operation Shepherd Rounds Up Sexual Offenders All Over Colorado,” Nov. 12, 2012

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