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Can I expunge my criminal record?

Records of previous arrests do not disappear on their own. In fact, arrest records stick around and can create complications down the road when a background check is required. This means that previous arrest records can impact applications for employment, housing and educational advancement. Beyond any practical consequences, a criminal arrest can be embarrassing and you may have the legal right to keep your past in the past.

4 Ways To Qualify For Record Sealing In Colorado

It's an unfortunate reality that if you were ever arrested for a crime, a potential employer, landlord or admitting college is free to reject you, even if you were never convicted. However, in recent years, Colorado and other states nationwide have expanded their record sealing and expungement programs - especially for nonviolent crimes. The act of sealing a record keeps it closed to the public and also allows you to truthfully state on an application that you have never been arrested.

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