Pot brownies won’t be tolerated in Colorado school

We recently shared a drug post about college students who are in trouble for feeding their classmates brownies laced with THC. The classmates supposedly did not know what “special ingredient” was in the baked goods, a detail that means more serious legal ramifications for the two Colorado defendants.

Now, another similar story arises from Colorado Springs. This time, there are a couple of differences. First, the defendant accused of marijuana distribution is a juvenile. Second, the person who ate a pot laced brownie and got sick reportedly knew what she was doing.

Both kids involved in this marijuana-related incident are 14 years old. They are students of Air Academy High School, where the teen boy brought the controlled edible and gave it to the female student. She became ill and needed medical attention.

Once school officials discovered why the girl was ill, they contacted El Paso County police. The teen faces the charge of distribution of marijuana. No, it doesn’t matter that medical marijuana and soon recreational marijuana are legal in Colorado.

Even if the recent legalization vote were already in effect, the defendant in this incident wouldn’t be free and clear of legal hardship. There will still be an age requirement for anyone who wants to buy and use marijuana.

School officials where this recent brownie incident took place worry that the liberalization of marijuana laws in the state will lead to more situations like this one. Young kids will more easily be able to get their hands on marijuana and edibles. If this is true, then maybe fewer adults will find themselves faced with drug charges, and juveniles will become the new demographic most commonly fighting drug charges.

Source: The Colorado Springs Gazette, “Air Academy student hospitalized after eating pot brownie at school Maria St. Louis-Sanchez, Dec. 12, 2012

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