Police officer taken into custody on suspected DUI

On behalf of Anaya-McKedy, P.C. posted in Drunk Driving on Friday, December 14, 2012.

Having a drunk driving charge brought against you can affect your life in many different ways: the first being the potential legal ramifications, followed shortly by the damage to one’s reputation and possibly even employment. For one Colorado police officer, repercussions may be something more she faces as she now finds herself dealing with the aftermath of being served a summons due to DUI suspicions after another officer reported her.

The officer was reported to have been swerving her car in and out of different lanes early in the morning last Tuesday, as well as driving slower than the posted speed limit. When she was pulled over by another police officer, she stated of her inebriation and cooperated through the beginning of sobriety tests at the scene, however she reported to have stopped complying with the test after a short while.

While the officer in question did submit a blood sample and was given a summons for the alleged suspicious activity, the chief of police in Boulder is said to be concerned of the fact that she was the second officer in recent weeks to have been in a circumstance similar to this. Further details of the case were not reported on; however, this officer and the other mentioned are both reported to be on paid leave. The officer who was called in last Tuesday could suffer anything from a reprimand to the loss of her employment.

For any Colorado resident who finds themselves facing such serious punishments as the result of someone’s suspicion or DUI charges, knowing the options they have available to them could help them as they begin to go through the criminal charges process. If this is the officer’s first offense, there may some way that her job could be saved along with some kind of probationary stipulations. Should someone who is charged end up being convicted, working with an experienced criminal defense attorney could help them to know how to put forth their best case and work toward a more reasonable sentence.

Source: dailycamera.com, “Boulder cop suspected of driving drunk was department’s DUI officer,” Mitchell Byars, Dec. 6, 2012