Only 10 years old, Colorado girl could face marijuana charge

Even those who aren’t from Colorado likely know about a big election result. Voters in Colorado decided that they want marijuana to be legal for not just medical but recreational use as well. Drug laws, however, are complicated because there are federal laws and then state laws. Generally, a federal law will trump a state law, so exactly how the supposed legalization of marijuana in Colorado will really play out is more complex than just a free-for-all regarding marijuana sales and use.

With the recent arrest of a marijuana possession suspect, there is more than just the recent drug law vote that will make this drug case interesting. The drug crime suspect might just be the youngest person to be charged with possession in Colorado. Would the system charge a juvenile with the crime?

According to ABC News, the 10-year-old girl was arrested and taken away from her elementary school after she was reportedly found with less than one gram of marijuana on her. She supposedly got her hands on the drugs through a relative who has a medical prescription for marijuana.

What could happen to a little kid who made the error in judgment (likely to impress her friends) and brought a small amount of pot to school? Well, in Colorado, 10 is the age when someone can be charged with a crime. If that were to happen in this instance, the girl is so young that she would most surely be treated as a juvenile and avoid harsh sentencing.

Still, an incident like this can create a stressful path for a young person and her family. To avoid the level of seriousness that this arrest could lead to, a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney is a necessity.

Source: ABC News, “10-Year-Old Girl Busted for Marijuana in Colorado,” Ben Waldren, Nov. 30, 2012

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