Not all Colorado sex offenders must stay on registry forever

The sex offender registry in Colorado is a way for those who have been convicted of sex crimes to remain punished for a limitless amount of time. They might not be in prison, but they are living within a system that takes away their privacy and some basic freedoms enjoyed by the rest of the public. Did you know that the sex offender registry isn’t necessarily a life sentence?

Fox 31 Denver reports on a current rule that allows for some convicted sex offenders to get off of the sex offender registry in Colorado. It only applies to some men and women and is not commonly utilized, but the rule exists and, therefore, is enough to ruffle some community feathers.

For example, a man who was convicted of a sex crime in the 1990s claims that he has lived up to the letter of the sex offender registry law for decades now. He wants to regain some privacy and get his name off of the sex offender registry. That means petitioning the court and arguing one’s case for that leniency. According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, 2,340 people have gotten their names removed from the registry since 2006 in the state.

Rules are in place that allow certain convicted sex offenders a chance at regaining renewed privacy in their lives. Depending on an individual’s conviction, after a specified number of years he or she can petition to have their name taken off of the list. For some people the waiting period might be five years. For some it might be 20. No matter the severity of the offense, an experienced criminal defense attorney is an important aspect to successfully fighting for having true privacy again.

Some Colorado lawmakers as well as some members of the public are against the rules that allow deregistration of sex offenders. There has been talk of legislation that would rid people in the state of that right. If there is a development regarding that matter we will post an update.

Source: Fox 31 Denver, “Law considered to make it harder for sex offenders to remove names from registry,” Mark Meredith, May 6, 2013

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