New Colorado laws address violence, ammo and marijuana

Even though laws are meant to create a safer community, often it is the very people who make up that community who have a difficult time keeping up with the laws meant to protect them. Now that we are into July, it is overdue to list a few of the new laws that are officially on the books as of the first of the month:

Crimes leading to loss of pregnancy

If a pregnant woman is the victim of a crime and the violence leads to the loss of her fetus, the defendant in that case could face harsher sentencing. This law didn’t pass without controversy due to the theme of life that could be applied to abortion laws in Colorado. Still, the law has been enacted, making for a different classification of violent crime in the state.

Deadline over for marijuana regulations

Though no marijuana law took effect on July 1, the date was the deadline for the Department of Revenue to issue its regulations regarding marijuana sales and growing. Those details will certainly impact criminal charges involving the drug in the state.

Less ammunition for gun owners

In what is undoubtedly the most controversial law of them all, Colorado has enacted legislation that limits ammunition magazines among new guns in the state. At most, guns can hold 15 rounds, unless the firearms were owned before the enactment of the new gun law. There is sure to be further debate and likely modifications to the law as a result of the passionate upset it has stirred up in gun rights enthusiasts.

When there are developments related to any of the new Colorado laws, we will post an update.

Source: The Associated Press, “Guns, marijuana and more: 10 new laws take effect in Colorado,” June 30, 2013

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