New Colorado gun laws on way toward passage, at least some

Last week Colorado legislators moved various legislative proposals forward that would make stricter gun laws in the state. Public outcry, however, did prevent all the proposals from being passed. Now, it is up to the governor to sign the bills in order for change to officially take place in the state.

There has been a strong push for more gun regulation in Colorado due to violent crime like that which occurred in the Aurora theater shooting. The Sandy Hook school violence also created passionate pushes for gun control throughout the country.

The following are ways in which gun control will be changed in Colorado if the governor agrees:

  • Requirement of background checks for not just store transactions but private gun sales
  • Background checks for gun sales paid for by buyers
  • Smaller limit of ammunition magazine sizes and shotgun ammunition capacity
  • Ban against online issuing of conceal-and-carry permits
  • Relinquishing of firearms owned by convicted domestic violence offenders

The forward movement of these proposals has occurred despite strong protest by some groups. The issue of gun rights is personal for some but is also a professional issue for others. The Washington Times reports that Colorado businesses with hunting and outdoor sports at the heart of what they do are packing up their guns to move to other states with less strict rules. This reaction could have an impact on job opportunity within Colorado as well as overall financial stability in the state.

Other bills such as one that would ban the permitted carrying of concealed guns on campus did not make it through the senate floor. Women safety advocates, including victims of rape, fought vigilantly and successfully against the passage of that bill.

When there are updates regarding gun control in the state we will post an update.

Source: The Washington Times, “Outdoor Channel striking tents in Colo. if gun bill passes,” Valeria Richardson, March 9, 2013

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