Member of Broncos’ team charged with drunk driving

He might not be a current player of Colorado’s Denver Broncos, but Matt Russell still represents the team in his role as its director of player personnel. That is why higher-ups from the NFL team are indicating their disappointment in Russell. His recent DWI arrest casts a shadow on the team.

Last weekend, while so many other drivers were being targeted for suspicion of drunk driving over the holiday, Russell reportedly became an easy DUI target. The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that the former player not only rear-ended another vehicle, but that other vehicle was a parked patrol car.

Details of the incident from that point on are not available, but it is known that Russell is charged with DUI, having an open container in his vehicle, and more that is related to the accident. As a result of the alleged drunk driving incident, he not only will face scrutiny in court, but he will likely be scrutinized at the professional level.

It isn’t the first time that a person associated with the NFL has been charged with DWI. Therefore, most know that Russell’s case will unfold quite publicly. A drunk driving arrest can be stressful enough for a person without having its details constantly blasted through media streams.

However, the public nature of this situation and others like it serve as a learning opportunity for other potential DUI suspects. They can learn about the details that result in particular charges and, most importantly, that it is crucial to put up a vigilant defense in order to combat the sentencing and stigma that follow not just a conviction but a mere arrest in some cases.

Source: The Colorado Springs Gazette, “Denver Broncos player personnel director arrested for DUI, hitting parked cop car,” July 8, 2013

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