Man sought by Colorado Springs police arrested for parole violation

A man sought by police for leaving an assisted living facility without notifying parole authorities was recently apprehended. The 76-year-old was pursued by Colorado Springs police, but caught in Denver.

He had been sentenced to 30 years of incarceration for two counts of attempted murder in 1991.

Prosecutors claimed that the crime took place on April 26, 1990, when the man was 54 and residing on property belonging to his estranged wife’s parents. The incident occurred on his birthday.

Staying in a camper on the grounds, he reportedly became intoxicated and attempted to strangle his ex-wife, using a rope in the process, according to police reports. Following that, he is said to have fired a gun, wounding both an 18-month-old child and his mother-in-law. The incident took place in Oregon, but he was originally a resident of Denver.

In addition to attempted murder charges, he was convicted of attempted assault with a gun and a number of other criminal charges. On several occasions, he has been released on parole, but twice returned to prison on accusations of various parole violations. Most recently, in December of 2011, he was released on parole again, and was living at an assisted living facility in Colorado Springs when he was said to have simply walked away one recent evening at around 2 a.m. without telling anybody, taking $1,300 in cash with him.

In addition to parole violation accusations, police said that he was facing charges for using a false name and providing inaccurate information to police. Initial reports said that he had been accused of murder, but correctional officials subsequently clarified that no such charge had ever been made.

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Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, “Man sought by Springs police found in Denver,” July 30, 2012

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