Letter to sister leads to man’s Colorado murder charge

Most people would fear facing one criminal accusation in his life. A man in Greeley, Colorado, has been tied to at least three criminal cases in the past couple of years. He just got out of a rape case against him free and clear, only to face a different, more serious charge.

The 29-year-old was recently arrested for murdering his wife. On Christmas Eve in 2011, the defendant called police to report that his wife had died in their shower. It took more than a year and the presentation of a letter reportedly written by the defendant to give authorities enough evidence to make the arrest for murder.

Greeley police’s real break in the homicide case came from a family member of the Colorado defendant. His sister told police that she had received a letter from the suspect in which he confessed to killing his wife during an argument. Within that same letter, he also suggested that he was responsible for the death of a missing girl, though that story was proven to be false.

Though the details of the young girl’s disappearance and death were deemed inaccurate, police did believe what the suspect said regarding the death of his 25-year-old wife. It would be valuable for professionals to determine why the suspect would lie about the one incident. And if he lied about that, basically incriminating himself regarding one violent crime, are officials confident enough that the suspect isn’t lying about the death of his wife?

The defendant was arrested for first-degree murder involving domestic violence yesterday. He had been acquitted of a rape charge just one day before.

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Source: Greeley Tribune, “Ault man arrested for death of wife in 2011,” Sharon Dunn, March 8, 2013

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