Law enforcement targeting sex crimes in Colorado cities

The internet has opened up easy avenues for children and adults to communicate. Sex crimes including child pornography, child prostitution and statutory rape are negative consequences of the technological revolution.

A Colorado Springs man, 22, was recently arrested for rape. He’s accused of having sex with a minor whom he met online. This is just one recent Colorado case that supports the fact that local law enforcement has made sex crimes involving children a high priority to tackle.

The internet might make it easier for supposed sexual predators to meet kids, but it also plays a big role in helping authorities track down possible sexual offenders and abused children. Colorado authorities recently got a big break when they arrested several suspects whom they believe are responsible for running a prostitution ring of children.

Someone accused of a sex crime involving a minor faces just about the harshest stigma of all. He also faces a severe threat to his future, with prison and the requirement to register as a sex offender being possible outcomes.

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Source: KOAA, “More child sex crimes out of Springs; police say watch your kids online,” Jacqui Heinrich, Dec. 12, 2012

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