Jury will hear twin defense in Colorado sex crime case

In a past post we shared how a Colorado Army lieutenant is facing serious sex crime charges, charges that he believes should be levied against someone else: his twin brother.

There are various means of presenting a defense for a criminal defendant. Last week, the defense lawyers for the defendant succeeded in convincing the judge to allow the “It was my twin” defense. What the judge might think, however, isn’t what’s important in determining whether the man will be convicted of sex offenses involving children.

The Colorado defendant faces a total of 32 criminal charges tied to sexual offenses in Colorado, Texas and Alabama. He denies wrongdoing on all counts and suggests, with the help of his legal team, that the DNA evidence supposedly linking him to any crimes could just as well be evidence that could incriminate his twin.

Last week the judge ruled that he would allow the twin argument. Allowing the argument is one thing. What is most important is whether the jury in the sex charges case will believe the unique, soap opera-worthy criminal defense. The defense team will likely try to prove that the twin brother could have been in the locations where the offenses were committed. Also, it would probably want to present the science of twin DNA.e above-mentioned defense tactics and more would ideally create enough doubt in regards to the defendant’s guilt and move the jury to find him not guilty of the severe sex crimes he is charged with. We will post an update when there is a development in the Colorado case.

Source: People, “Is a Decorated Soldier Being Tried for His Twin’s Sex Crimes?” Howard Breuer, Nov. 19, 2013

Cynthia A. McKedy

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