How sending marijuana from Colorado can get you in trouble

As some will argue, one of the perks to living in Colorado is the fact that residents can use marijuana both medically and recreationally with little fear of violating federal drug laws that prohibit its use. But even though we have this privilege thanks to our own state laws, this does not mean that Colorado residents are unable to break federal laws without having crossed state lines.

This can easily happen by accident if you send marijuana through the general mail to someone outside of Colorado. Although you may have innocent intentions with doing this, it is an act that is considered against federal law. That’s because, as you may not know, general mail sent through the United States Postal Service is controlled by federal laws that determine what can and cannot be sent through the mail. One such item that cannot be sent through the mail is a controlled substance like marijuana.

If you are caught, you could be accused of drug trafficking, which is a serious felony that can lead to prison time if you are convicted. As we explained in an October post, the severity of a sentence would depend on the schedule of the substance — which, in this case would be a Schedule I drug, according to the DEA — and the amount sent through the mail.

Because Colorado residents are not allowed to possess more than 1 ounce of marijuana, sending a large amount of marijuana to a friend in another state could mean you are violating state laws as well, which can increase the seriousness of the situation and further necessitate the need for a good criminal defense attorney such as those at our firm.

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Cynthia A. McKedy

Criminal Defense Attorney Cynthia A. McKedyAs a former prosecutor, Ms. McKedy supervised and trained new deputy district attorneys. During her tenure as deputy district attorney, Ms. McKedy successfully tried over a dozen homicide cases. As a defense attorney, she has been able to utilize all of her trial skills and knowledge to procure great results for her clients.

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