Former Colorado Springs officer’s retrial continues

The mother of a boy paused to regain her composure during her Monday testimony at the retrial of a former Colorado Springs police officer on sex crimes charges.

She described generous acts by the former officer — buying running shoes for her son and driving to their house just to return school books — that apparently took on sinister meaning for her after the man, 31, was accused of inappropriately touching boys.

She said her first impression of the former cop was that he’s a “great guy.”

He resigned his volunteer wrestling coach position at Mann Middle School in June of last year after several boys accused him of touching their genitals during “skin checks” for disease.

The man faces a possible life sentence in the case in which he’s accused of sexually abusing 22 boys.

Most of the boys have described the former coach’s touching of them as similar to how a physician would touch them. However, several have accused the man of going farther and touching them in an overtly sexual way.

The woman’s son also testified Monday, saying that he went to the trusted coach when he had questions about bumps on his genitals. The teen claims the man touched his genitals until he became aroused and urged him to ejaculate.

Shortly before the man’s arrest in May of last year, the boy was suspended by the school for taking the coach’s key and phone.

Earlier this year, the former cop and coach was convicted on 21 charges related to child pornography and acquitted on 36 counts related to inappropriate touching of the boys. The jury in the first trial deadlocked on 150 other counts; those charges are being retried.

Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, “Emotional testimony takes center stage,” Oct. 2, 2012

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