Five men arrested in connection with Colorado Springs sex assault

Five Iraqi men were arrested earlier this week by Colorado Springs police who said the men were involved in a sexual assault on a woman last month.

The men, all permanent, legal residents of the U.S., include a man who was a main figure in a book written by an Army sergeant about the Iraq war.

Police said the woman who was allegedly assaulted suffered severe injuries in the “horrific” attack.

Two of the men, including the man who was featured prominently in the memoir, are with sexual assault. The other three are in custody on suspicions of being accessories to sexual assault. All five men are in their twenties.

The memoir featuring the Iraqi man is called “A Soldier’s Promise.” The book described the sergeant’s unit deployed in Iraq and how it came to include the Iraqi, who was then a teenager just 14 years old.

The sergeant later helped the teen, who had been instrumental in providing information about Iraqi insurgents to the American unit, emigrate to the U.S.

The sexual assault investigation began July 22 when an attack was reported at an apartment complex on Woodside Lane.

The woman said she went outside of her apartment that morning around 1:30 and noticed two groups of men who appeared ready to fight. She intervened to calm the groups.

Afterwards, one of the men invited her to an apartment. There, she drank what she believed was lemonade with three other men. She said she was unable to remember anything after that.

Police apparently carried out searches and interviews before arresting the five men.

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Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, “5 Iraqis arrested in connection with Springs sexual assault,” Aug. 14, 2012

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