Fatal accident results in drunk driving arrest for Colorado man

DUI cases are aggressively prosecuted in Colorado and can lead to severe criminal penalties if there is a conviction. One man currently facing DUI allegations must now wonder what his fate will be. He had just been released from jail on Dec. 26 for a September DUI incident when he was arrested again the following day for alleged drunk driving after rolling over his truck in the vicinity of Horsetooth Reservoir. The accident killed his 21-year-old son and seriously injured two other passengers.

The rollover crash occurred around 12:30 a.m. as the accused was driving westbound on Larimer County Road 38E. He reportedly lost control as he was making a right-hand turn. His Silverado left the road, swerved across a dirt road and rolled into a fence, coming to a stop on its side. All four occupants were thrown from the vehicle.

Colorado State Police stated that both alcohol and speed are considered factors in the crash. The accused was treated at the Medical Center of the Rockies before being taken into police custody. Reports do not indicate why police believe that the accused was drunk at the time of the crash or what tests may have been conducted to confirm his blood-alcohol level.

It is possible that the previous drunk driving case could impact the outcome of the current one. Not only has this man lost his son, but he may now lose his driving privileges, serve a jail or prison sentence, pay fines and face other criminal penalties if he is found guilty. He would likely benefit from working with legal representation that has experience in Colorado DUI cases and can work in his best interests as well as protect his constitutional rights as he defends himself against the charges.

Source: The Coloradoan, Just freed from jail, Fort Collins driver arrested on DUI charges following fatal crash, Trevor Hughes, Dec. 27, 2013

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