Fame Doesn’T Save Celebrity From False Assault Accusation

Sure, Chris Brown has had his share of mistakes. Some of those mistakes have landed him in legal trouble and had significant impact on his reputation. But just because someone does wrong in the past does not mean that he will do wrong again.

A woman claims that R&B artist Brown is responsible for the injuries she sustained while at a club. She alleges that the singer lost his temper and physically pushed her to the ground. It is possible, however, that Brown’s reputation and not his actions is the inspiration behind the assault allegation.

USA Today reports that Brown and sources close to him claim that he did nothing wrong toward the supposed victim. She was reportedly being aggressive in trying to get to Brown in the club, but there was so much security between the celebrity and the claimant that no contact could have occurred.

Critics of the legal situation suspect that the accuser knows of Brown’s past, including the supposed violence between him and Rihanna, and she is trying to get a settlement out of him. As far as a criminal case, Brown technically can’t pay his way out of it. We will see if the accuser recants her story down the road. Perhaps she is awaiting a secret offer from the star in order to confess that her assault story is a lie.

False allegations happen. Celebrities can be targets for those seeking media attention or other gains. Due to his past, Brown is sure to have an experienced, aggressive criminal defense team that will get to the bottom of this familiar yet unlikely story.

Source: USA Today, “Chris Brown’s rep: Assault claim is ‘totally false,'” Ann Oldenburg, June 24, 2013

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