Ex-Air Force chaplain accused of sexual molestation

Colorado Springs police have accused a 76-year-old man of a sexual assault on a preteen girl in his home.

Police claim he also sexually molested three other girls at different times over an 18-year period. The arrestee is a retired Air Force chaplain.

He retired from the Air Force with the rank of colonel in 1993, following a 29-year military career in which he had been stationed at various places nationwide. After his retirement, he had homes in Monument and Colorado Springs.

He is accused of molesting the girls in both those homes.

In the most recent alleged incident, police reports stated that he told the purported victim that she should get over shyness about her body and not be so ignorant about sex. He is accused of then touching her inappropriately while they both sat on a couch in his home.

It is claimed that this occurred at a given time between 2010 and 2010, during which the girl would have been as young as 11 or as old as 13. The girl asserted that he touched her on several other occasions, and also talked about sex.

She claimed he began to act inappropriately towards her when she was as young as four years old.

She also claimed that he often instructed her to put her hands on his genitals while he urinated, as well as kissing and fondling her in inappropriate ways. Documents filed in court said that he told the girl to keep these incidents secret, and threatened to harm her if she told anyone about them.

The incidents with the three other girls, investigators said, took place in 1994, 1995, and either in 2003 or 2005.

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Source: Colorado Springs Gazette, “Alleged molestation by former AF chaplain spanned 18 years,” Sept. 21, 2012

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