Erin Brokovich facing DUI charges

Erin Brokovich, the environmental activist made famous by the 2000 Julia Roberts movie bearing her name, was arrested last week for driving under the influence while boating in Nevada.

On Friday evening, Brokovich was boating with her husband on Lake Mead, just outside Las Vegas. A game warden reported seeing Brokovich throw a cell phone into the water before attempting to moor her boat at the Las Vegas Boat Harbor on the Colorado River reservoir behind the Hoover Dam. Brokovich was unable to maneuver the boat and needed help from the warden to dock it properly. The warden suspected that she had been drinking and he administered two Breathalyzer tests, both of which indicated that Brokovich’s blood alcohol content was well over the .08 legal limit.

The Clark County District Attorney announced that Brokovich will face misdemeanor DUI charges. If convicted, Brokovich could face up to a $1000 fine, six months in jail and 96 hours of community service. A court could also order her to attend mandatory drug and alcohol education classes. Her court date has been set for October 7 of this year.

Brockovich has since issued a public apology for her arrest, calling her actions, “clearly a big mistake.” She disputes, however, the game warden’s version of the events at the marina. According to Brockovich, she never piloted the boat on open water, but rather was only behind the wheel of the boat at the marina.

Many people – even those who do not drive a car after a few drinks – think that they can get away with operating a boat or other vehicle after drinking. As Brockovich’s arrest proves, this is not the case.

Source: ABC News, “Erin Brockovich Arrested While Boating in Nevada,” June 9, 2013

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