Drunk driving trends mean risk of DUI arrest is high this holiday

Another holiday and another drunk driving crackdown in Colorado. Here and within all states in the U.S. police patrols will be covering the roads looking to pull people over for suspicion of drunk driving. Just when Halloween ended and led to the several hundred arrests we discussed in the previous post, Thanksgiving rolls around and puts drivers at risk of arrest again.

Research shows that drinking and driving increases significantly around the Thanksgiving holiday, with the rate of arrests more than 50 percent higher than on average. What does that mean for Colorado drivers?

It means to be safe, both in terms of consuming alcohol and driving and protecting oneself if a DUI arrest does occur. Because traffic fatalities tied to alcohol are more common around this and other holidays, law enforcement attempts to change that trend by intensifying the presence of police on the roads.

While holiday crackdowns might work to keep the roads safer, they can also lead to drunk driving charges against people who have every reason to vigilantly defend their names and freedoms from a DUI conviction. Because police come down so hard on suspected drunk drivers, a suspect can easily feel like there is no use and like they are already caught and convicted.

But authorities can make even an innocent person seem or feel guilty, and that is why a criminal defense attorney must step in to provide confidence that there is fighting a DUI charge. If you or someone you love becomes the target of the many drunk driving charges that Colorado authorities are apt to throw out this holiday, don’t sell yourself short. Visit our DUI Attorney page to learn more about your rights.

Source: Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc., “DUI Offender Drinking Jumps 54% on Thanksgiving Day,” Nov. 17 2012

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