Divisive bill would add the unborn to victims of Colorado crimes

Critics of Colorado’s state constitution are fighting for the rights of the unborn to be recognized. Though they insist that a current piece of legislation to modify laws will not affect laws regarding abortion in Colorado, pro-choice advocates are challenging the legislative effort.

A woman who lost her 9-month-old fetus in a Colorado drunk driving accident is behind the proposed amendment. She sustained injuries in the crash, and her unborn child didn’t survive. The loss of her baby was extremely personal, and she isn’t satisfied with the fact that her unborn boy couldn’t be included in legal terms as a victim of the DUI crash.

Past attempts to redefine “personhood” within the state’s constitution have failed. Supporters of the new proposal, the Brady Amendment, point out that this bill differs from past efforts because it only includes cases of negligence and crime.

An overall redefining of “personhood” to include the unborn would impact the legality of abortion in the state. The majority of voters, as past votes have proven, would likely not support this bill if it didn’t get specific about how classifying the unborn as victims would only be an option in cases involving crime or civil negligence.

The Brady Amendment has a long way to go if it is going to become law. If in the end it were passed, defendants whose alleged offenses included the death of an unborn child would face an additional criminal charge: “unlawful termination of pregnancy.”

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Source: Catholic News Agency, “Proposed Colo. amendment to protect unborn crime victims,” Kevin Jones, April 6, 2013

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